Students funded by other routes

Sung Yi-Ying



Nuoxi Zhang

Nuoxi gained her bachelor degree in the Chemistry with Material Chemistry from the University of Edinburgh (2014-2017). In the final year, she joined Professor Neil B. Mckeown’s group to work the project of “Synthesis Novel Polyimide of Intrinsic Microporosity for Carbon Dioxide Separation”.
Nuoxi started PhD under the supervision of Professor John Irvine in 2017. Her PhD project is focused on “Upgrading Biogas via Electrolysis”. The aim of this project is to take surplus wind electricity and use in Solid Oxide Electrolyser Cell (SOEC) to reduce the carbon dioxide in biogas via carbon monoxide to methane and or hydrogen.


Weihao Sun

I spent my four-year bachelor life in Shanghai Normal University and graduated with BEng in Chemical Engineering and BSc in Financial Management in the summer of 2017. I will do my MSc by research programme in Professor Wuzong Zhou’s group this year. After my master graduation, I plan to study further on PhD project. In my spare time, I enjoy swimming and landscape photography.