Why St Andrews?

Chemistry @ St Andrews

hompageWe.are a leading Chemistry Department where we have been teaching Chemistry for over 200 years since 1811. Currently we have 140 Ph.D.’s and 35 academic staff and 300 undergraduates. A number of outstanding Chinese students joined us in the previous years after their BSc and Master degrees, and their achievements were excellent. We are keen to attract more students from China to study for their Ph.D. in any area of Chemistry (organic, physical, inorganic, theoretical, biological etc). We have excellent research groups in catalysis, organo-metallic, organic and inorganic synthesis,biological chemistry, computational chemistry, energy materials and surface science.

The chemistry department boasts a wide range of instrumentation and in-house facilities, including; solution and solid state NMR services; electron microscopy; single-crystal X-ray diffraction; mass spectrometry and proteomics facilities; and many more. As part of the EaStCHEM and ScotCHEM collaborations, St Andrews has access to even more instrumentation at its partner universities.


Research Centres within the St Andrews/ EaStCHEM include:

  • Experimental and Theoretical Chemical Physics
  • Molecular Synthetic Chemistry
  • Materials Chemistry
  • Biomedical Sciences Research Complex
  • Centre of Magnetic Resonance
  • The Organic Semiconductor Centre
  • Scottish Centre for Interdisciplinary Surface Spectroscopy

For more information, please see: https://www.st-andrews.ac.uk/chemistry/research/researchstrengths/