2017-18 Cohort

2017-18 Cohort

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Cihang Yu

Mr Cihang Yu was born in Shandong, China and completed his undergraduate studies in MChem degree at the University of St Andrews (2014). He had a broad experience in a range of fields of chemistry and finished many mini-projects, on organofluorine chemistry, with Prof. David O’Hagan; on medicinal chemistry, with Prof. Nicolas Westwood; on electrolyte material, with Dr. Richard Baker; and on quantum dots material, with Prof. David Cole-Hamilton.  He went to france for one-year placement at Univerité de Versailles and worked on fluorinated Metal-organic-frameworks in collaboration with Prof. Emmanuelle Magnier and Prof. Christian Serre.  He then finished his MChem thesis on diphosphine based ligand on ruthenium catalysted lignin cleavage with Prof. Paul Kamer. He worked as safety coordinator and research assistant in Prof. Jinbo Hu’s Group in Key Laboratory of Organo-fluorine Chemistry, Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Science (2014-2017SIOC, CAS) and was awarded with Excellent Safety Coordinator Prize. He finished a list of collaboration projects with Henkel and BASF, as well as a research project on ligand design for liquid phase isotopes separation. His research interest is orgrano-fluorine chemistry, including and not limited to the chemo-physical properties, the synthesis methodologies in green and catalytical condition, as well as fluorinated materials and pharmaceuticals development.

Ganyuan Xiao

Ganyuan Xiao studied in the West China School of Pharmacy, Sichuan University, since September 2010, first as an undergraduate, then a graduate. After getting my master degree in June 2017, I think I was well set to pursue a further academic progress in medicinal chemistry. I was lucky enough to be accepted by University of St-Andrews as a Ph.D student in March 2017. My particular area of research in St-Andrews is about antibacterial and antiparasitic drug discovery. St-Andrews provides the perfect environment for my PhD training and I am very happy of having the chance to work there and with Professor Westwood!



Gao Xiang

Xiang Gao was born in Jiangsu Province, a quite fantastic place for living and working, China. His Bachelor degree was in Metallurgy Engineering from Northeastern University and he received a first-class Master Degree from the Northeastern University in Materials and Metallurgy Science. He has published five SCI journal articles about the perovskites and oxygen sensor. After graduation, he was funded by the China Scholarship Council (CSC) and University of St Andrews scholarships to pursue doctoral study in School of Chemistry. In the next few years, Xiang Gao will investigating new materials and improving microstructure for SOFC anodes or SOEC cathodes connected with exsolution. For his main target, he will gain the knowledge from ceramic processing, characterization, defect chemistry and performance in chemical energy device of perovskite materials, and will focus on the principle of catalytic and exsolution process for PhD project. In terms of self-cultivation, Xiang devotes himself into the enhanced and reflected connection between philosophy and science, and commit himself to the Literature and Arts. Besides, in his spare time, he just likes swimming, football, calligraphy, singing, dancing, travelling and others wonderful things that can make our life positive, passion and happy every moment, because that ultimate purpose of our lives is happiness.



Peng Ma

Peng Ma was born in Shandong, China. He graduated from Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences with Master Degree in 2016 and Shandong University with a Bachelor Degree in Materials Chemistry in 2013. His Master project focused on design, fabrication and characterization of transparent ceramics for laser generation. He will carry out his PhD working on the exsolution of electrode materials under the supervisor of Prof. John Irvine at the University of St Andrews.





Xiaotong Zhang

Xiaotong Zhang was born in Cangzhou, a coastal city of China. She graduated from Beijing Normal University (BNU) with a master degree, investigating the novel mechanism of peptide synthesis catalyzed by ribosome. Her research interests are associated with unravelling the mechanisms of bio-systems, like DNA, RNA and protein by using computational methods. Therefore, after graduated from BNU, she applied for the China Scholarship Council-University of St Andrews Scholarships to further her study, which offered her great opportunities to enlarge knowledge and experience different culture. She will start her PhD study under the joint supervision of Prof. Michael Buehl and Dr. Tanja van Mourik in St Andrews, searching for the insulin-boosting drugs by using QM/MM method.


Min Xu

Min Xu comes from China and obtained BSc and MSc degrees in electronics engineering and energy technology at the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China in 2017. He carried out calculation and modeling work with Solid Oxide Fuel Cell as a master student. He has now started PhD work as a CSC student with JTSI and start his PhD project on the design and optimization of electrodes for hybrid Direct Carbon Fuel Cell. His work includes combining his simulation skills with experimental work to study the mechanism within the DCFC and to improve the cell’s performance. He is interested in table tennis and swimming.


Zhaoning Li

Zhaoning Li comes from Jinan, a very old and famous city of China. He received his Bachelor degree from Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications where he studied organic photoelectronics. Then he started his PhD study in the Institute of Advanced Materials (IAM), Nanjing Tech University. His master project focused on synthesis of hole-transporting materials for perovskite solar cells co-advised by prof. Wei Huang and Dr. Baomin Zhao. He joined Dr. Eli Zysman-Colman’s group in September 2017 as a visiting PhD student. His research project focuses on design, synthesis and application of Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence (TADF) emitters.


Sisi Gao

Sisi is a 2nd-year PhD student working in Jim’s lab. Her PhD is focusing on protein crystallography. She spent her first year of PhD in the University of St Andrews. After that, she moved to the RCaH with the others in Jim’s group. She got her Bachelor of Science, Biology in 2016, Sichuan University, China. Her work now is focused on the biosynthesis of formycin A.



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