Haiwei's story in St Andrews

Haiwei’s story in St Andrews

Hi, everyone! I’m Guo Haiwei who had one year’s study in St Andrews as a joint Ph.D student in the Westwood group. I started in September, 2016 .

The images about my study and life in St Andrews have always been in my dream since I left. I must say that I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to study in the School of Chemistry under the supervision of Nick. I have been making progress not only in English speaking, but also in research, especially NMR processing skill since I joined the group. Based on the progress I’ve made, I got the opportunity to attend an International Symposium on Green Chemisty (ISGC) in La Rochelle, France in May, 2017. I attended quite a lot of talks related to my research and observed lots of cutting edge research.

In addition, a research paper has been submitted to a very good journal by me with the help of my supervisors and colleagues in September, 2017 and have we received good feedback. Hopefully this work will be accepted for publication soon.

I’ve gained so much in both life independence and research study. I owe everything I gained to the great facilities in the School of Chemistry, the supervision of Nick and the one-year’s funding from CSC. I believe all of you will gain a lot within your stay in the Chemistry Department and you will definitely fall in love with St Andrews once you come here.

大家好,我是郭海威。从2016年9月开始,我在圣安德鲁斯化学学院Westwood 教授组里开展了一年的联合培养博士工作,现在已经回国。

自从回国,晚上总是梦到在圣安学习和工作的场景。我真的很幸运获得了在圣安化学学院学习一年的机会,尤其幸运的遇到了对科研严谨导师Nick。自从16年9月进入组里以来,我作为组里唯一的一个中国人,受到了大家很多关照,英语口语以及听力有了很大的进步。同时,在Nick的指导下,科研也获得了很大进展,在17年5月法国La Rochelle 参加了国际绿色化学会议。会议期间,听了很多科研前沿报告,受益匪浅。


总体说来,在圣安的这一年我在独立生活和科研成果都收获颇丰。同时也结交了来自世界各地的朋友,意大利,法国 ,英国,中国,印度等。非常感谢圣安德鲁斯大学化学院的先进实验条件,Nick教授的指导还有CSC的资助,让我能有那么多收获。我相信大家都会在圣安收获属于自己的经历,我也相信你们来了这里也会想我一样爱上圣安这个美丽的地方。

Guo Haiwei who is currently studying in Chinese Academy of Sciences, studied in School of Chemistry in St-Andrews for one year from September, 2016.