Ganyuan' Story in St Andrews

Ganyuan’ Story in St Andrews

I am Ganyuan Xiao, a new Ph.D student in Westwood’s group. Because of China Scholarship Council and University of St Andrews Scholarships, I am grateful to have a chance to start amazing scientific adventure here. Now I’d like to share something about the application process I went through. For everyone needs to go on for quite a long time before getting the scholarship, I hope my experience can give you same insight and encouragement.

I contacted Prof. Nick Westwood in Sept. 2016 and indicated that I wanted to join his group. After reviewing my application materials, he said he was glad to work with me to make an application. During my application period, he gave me the greatest help. He is very familiar with the CSC system as he ran the recruitment in St Andrews Chemistry since Sept 2016. If you have any questions about the programme, please feel free to contact Nick! He is ready to help everyone!

I participated in the 2016 International graduate scholarship fair in Chengdu in Oct. 2016, and met Miss Wei Lin, the senior education liaison officer in St Andrews there. She gave me a lot of suggestions and also told me that I should firstly apply to the University of St Andrews. Then, I submitted my online research application form to the University during Christmas. The closing date for the CSC applications to St Andrews is 20th January. Soon after the application closing date, the CSC St Andrews team reviewed the applications and successful candidates received their offer by 15th February 2017. I was so excited to receive the unconditional offer from the postgraduate admission on that day.

The next stage in the process is to apply to the China Scholarship Council. I have submitted all the materials required by CSC and completed the CSC application online before the deadline. There would also be a joint expert interview, and at the same time, I prepared for the interview based on some people’s suggestion. On 14th March, I flew to Beijing for the interview, and it was not so difficult for I was well prepared. At the last day of March, I was very fortunate to recieve the official admission offer from CSC. I was admitted!!! Hard works paid off eventually. I think all of you can make it if carrying on to the end. Cheer up! Looking forwards to seeing all of you in lovely St Andrews next year.