2018-2019 Cohort

Ceng Han

Ceng obtained her bachelor’s degree from Henan University of Science and Technology in June 2015. Then she studied at Chongqing University working on synthesis and application of perovskite nanomaterials and graduated with a Master’s Degree in June 2018. She will start her PhD study under the supervision of Prof. Philip Lightfoot at the university of St Andrews, searching for new functional materials based on the anti-perovskite structure. She will focus on the properties of ionic conductivity and ferroelectricity of new anti-perovskite. In her spare time, she enjoys playing badminton, music and movies.


Chencheng Liu

Chencheng Liu was born in Hebei, China. He graduated from Northwest A&F University with a master degree in 2018. His master project is a theoretical study about the dimerization mechanism of phosphaethynolate in transition metal systems. After graduation, he was funded by the China Scholarship Council and University of St Andrews scholarship to pursue PhD study under co-supervision of Prof. Michael Buehl and Prof. John Irvine. And his PhD project will investigate the interface optimization in rechargeable solid state batteries. His work will be to complement the studies by modelling the interfaces between Li and other electrodes on the ceramic lithium electrolyte material, involving quantum-chemical calculations of suitable model systems under periodic boundary conditions.

Weihao Sun

Weihao Sun graduated from Shanghai Normal University with a BEng in Chemical Engineering and a BSc in Financial Management in July 2017. After his graduation, he moved to St Andrews to start MSc by Research programme in September 2017. His master project was to study crystal growth mechanism of calcium oxalate by using electron microscopes under the supervision of Prof. Wuzong Zhou. He has now started his PhD programme which was supported by CSC-St Andrews joint scholarship. He will continue to research Electron Microscopy and non-classical crystal growth in the same research group. Off school, he enjoys photography and swimming.

Yihong Wang

I was born in Hunan, China, and came up to Hunan University of Traditional Chinese Medicinein 2010, majoring in pharmacy and completing my undergraduate study in 2014. Then I went to West China School of Pharmacy at Sichuan Universityin 2014, and gained my master degree of medicinal chemistry in 2017 under the direction of Professor Guo and Professor Wu. My research area is focused on the development of candidate compounds with high bio-activity for the discovery of small molecular targeted-drugs.In the first two years of my master project was the National Nature science foundation project entitled “the design and synthesis of antitumor compounds of P53-MDM2 targeted”, and the project “the design and synthesis of derivatives of berberine and cell tests”. The last year I was participate in other field of research which is the development of methodology for one-step reaction to synthesis the small molecule.Since 26thAug 2018, I joined ADS group, University of St Andrews, and I can’t wait for the new chapter of my academic life. And my project will working on the development of new catalysts to use in wide range innovative asymmetric reactions.

Changfeng Si

Changfeng is from Shangqiu, a historic city in China. He obtained his BSc in Optical Information Science and Technology from Taiyuan University of Technology and MSc in Microelectronics and Solid-State Electronics from Shanghai University. His Master’s project focused on high-performance organic electronics, especially the development of novel versatile organic functional materials and device configuration. As a CSC Scholar,he joined the group in September 2018 and his current research is working on development of TADF emitters for bioimaging. In his leisure time, he enjoys climbing mountains, hiking and cooking.