2019-2020 Cohort

Qian Jia

Qian received her bachelor’s degree at Sichuan University with a background of water and wastewater engineering in 2016. Then she continued her education as a postgraduate at Wetsus Academy (European Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Water Technology) in the Netherlands. In her master program, she conducted a research project about heterogeneous cation exchange membranes for selective ion transport. She also did an internship with Aquabattery, a Netherlands-based battery developing company, working for an EU project (BAoBaB) about blue energy. Now she is working on MOF-containing mixed matrix membrane for challenging gas separation and supervised by Prof. Paul Wright.



Zhuan Duan

Zhuan Duan comes from China and completed a BSc in applied chemistry at the Huazhong Agricultural​ University in 2011, followed by an MSc in Organic​ Chemistry at Central China Normal University in​ 2014. After several years as a chemistry teacher, he​ has now started PhD work as a CSC scholar with ADS​ and has interests in badminton, swimming and​ diving.




Yawen Chen                

Yawen was born in Wuhan,China. She obtained her BSc degree in the School of Pharmacy, Wuhan University in 2018. Her graduation project was about natural pharmaceutical chemistry. Under the supervision of Prof. David O’Hagan in the School of Chemistry, her PhD study is about the biosynthesis of fluorine containing products in Streptomyces, in order to introduce fluorine atom into secondary metabolite to obtain a fluorinated natural product with good biological activity.




Kai Guo

Kai Guo comes from Jiangsu Province, China. He received his Master degree in transition metal catalysis from University of Reading in 2016, after that he went back to China and worked in pharmaceutical companies as a synthetic chemist. At the late stage of his career as a synthetic chemist in industry, Kai became very interested in chemo/bioinformatics and believed they can make big changes to the industry, hence he applied for the CSC/St Andrews joint scholarship to further his study in chemo/bioinformatics in St Andrews. Now Kai is a joint PhD student supervised by John Mitchell and Rebecca Goss, his current research is focused on digging the sequence data of substrate-free halogenases.



Sen Wu

Sen Wu got his bachelor’s degree in applied chemistry from Wuhan Institute of Technology University and master’s degree in Applied Chemistry from Tianjin University. In his Master thesis, he focused on hole-transporting material design, synthesis and application in solution-processable OLEDs. In September 2019 he joined Eli’s group to pursue his PhD degree as a CSC student. Currently he contributes to the development of novel blue TADF emitters for OLEDs.




Ying Zhang

Ying Zhang finished her bachelor’s and master’s degree in Tianjin University. During the master’s study, She focused on the mechanism of sugar metabolism and the gene-level regulation of sugar metabolism during fruit storage period. After graduation, she worked in the  Food Industry for QC (quality control) and QMS (Quality Management Systems) audit. Now she is studing in Goss group, exploring different halogenases for halogen biocatalysis, so as to find more new-to-nature derivatives of natural products.